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It's down to the wire folks... Just a few days and will be too late to do the right thing for this term! You have three very different candidates to choose from; please have a look at this week's journal and ask yourself, "Who will do what must be done?"

My presidential platform is being added to all the time, detailing my ideals and direction for America's future. Please be sure to check in often.

Additionally, my Journal page is updated approximately weekly. This is where I'll be talking about specific issues and current events. Consider it a candidate's speech, on your timeline and at your convenience! Also think of it as common sense, rather than politics as usual! Now if we could just get this idea to catch on the News As Entertainment Media (NAEM)!

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions. How 'bout that? A candidate who actually wants to know what you think?

Remember, I am serious about this election and running for the highest office in the land! I honestly think that this country needs what I have to get back on track and will be posting as often as possible with my ideas and plans to get America working.

RED FOR PREZ! It's never too late to do the right thing...


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