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Hi! Thanks for browsing my site! I have a few sites that are near and dear to my heart, and some that I find critically important. Please take a little time and have a look; perhaps find something that’s as important to you or someone you care about.

The Evolution of Linda is now available as an eBook download three ways. You can always click purchase the eBook to get the best version right here on my site. In addition, it's now available for the Amazon Kindle eBook device, as well as through MobiPocket for PDA's, your PC, and all other eBook devices.

For the Amazon Kindle version, the link is: The Evolution of Linda -for Kindle

For all other devices, the link is: The Evolution of Linda -MobiPocket Books

Now, for other people's stuff...

I have placed a short synopsis of my thoughts regarding each link for further assistance. I do not endorse any product or service advertised on any of these links, though if you want my personal opinion on anything you see, drop me a note at Linda@lindaddarkhorse.com. At this time, I do not have any business relationship with any other site, so I get no money or points or anything else for you going there. I will never send you into trapdoor sites or Spam you with pop-ups, ad-ware, or spy-bots. Please surf responsibly, and use a little common sense.

http://www.becauseiloveyou.org/ "Because I Love You" (BILY) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting parents with troubled children of any age. They promote structure, consequences and consistency in raising kids and have helped thousands of families over the past 23+ years. I’m personally associated with a BILY family and know that their loving and supportive assistance literally saved the life of a great kid. Thanks to their work he’s now on his way to becoming a healthy, well adjusted young man. BILY Too is the youth group and give young people a place to safely talk about their issues in confidence. They offer a SCRIP program that allows you to give a percentage of what you spend anyway without it costing you a cent.

www.drlaura.com Dr. Laura Schlessinger is without a doubt the most straight forward and “tell it like it is” voice of un-common sense on the radio today. Agree or disagree, she's an incredibly insightful woman with the most guts I’ve encountered! I listen and though I may differ on a few points, I have been helped immeasurably by her no nonsense approach. She has authored more than seven best selling books, including; The Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives, The Ten Stupid Things Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives, and perhaps her most vital work to date, The Proper Care And Feeding of Husbands (if your marriage is strong, this book will make it stronger. If your marriage needs help, and you are BOTH willing to work on it, I guarantee, this book will help save it).

http://aidshealth.org/index.php AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a wonderful, international group that provides education, screening and treatment for AIDS patients and their families. Locally they offer free HIV testing and counseling. Around the world they are working to extend the lives of the millions infected. In addition, they sponsor the Men’s Wellness Clinic, offering free testing for HIV, STD’s, and Hepatitis Vaccination. They also run the Out Of The Closet Thrift Stores, offering a tax-deductible way to help while providing a way to recycle un-needed items.

http://www.apla.org/ AIDS Project LA is a Great bunch of people that are both educating people and working to find a cure for this most terrible disease. I personally lost two dear friends to AIDS and no one should have to go through what they did. That was the late '80s, and the progress is nothing short of miraculous, but the fight's still a long way from won.

http://www.komen.org The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the leading groups fighting for a cure to one of the most feared diseases we face today. Education, fundraising, and research, plus a caring shoulder for those who've been there or know someone who has.

http://www.revlonrunwalk.com/ The Revlon Run/Walk For The Cure has been raising money and awareness for the cure and early detection of Breast and Ovarian cancer for years now. It’s a critical area, and I have personally been participating in the LA event for about six years! To be out there with all those survivors and their supporters is inspiring beyond words. Ovarian cancer took Momma far too young, and if she’d only detected it early she might just still be around! Needles to say, this cause is VERY high on my list! Hey, if you sign up, you might just see me out there! Look for the tall redhead with the “I’m running for Momma” sign pinned to her T-shirt!

Dunvegan31sPersonalPage This is the personal site of my dear friend Holly. Lots of cool pic’s and screensavers

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